About us

What is Machine Liker?

Machine Liker is a Facebook Auto-Liking Application which was created on 11th Oct 2012, founded and manage by only one person in the early and it started to grow with an extraordinarily inspiring speed.

We provides free,safe,fast post likes to Facebook users. It is totally protected site & never spammed. Machine Liker also gives the Multi Comments on Public posts by the same method which you guys do in Likes System!

It is programmed to help the Facebook users who didn't get likes on their posts & beg other people to do it!

Machine Liker is totally free & we never ask people for the money to get likes. We provide the best services of Facebook for free!

Our Reach:

Machine Liker reaches to a huge audience – actually over 500,000 unique visitors per month to be exact; and they all are real visitors, safe traffic/users from the Google.

More than 1 million Facebook users have sign up for our site in very few months. Our project is increasing quickly in world wide. We have users coming from different countries.


To let everyone knows about our application, mainly those who are begging their friends to like their posts.